CallApp Caller ID & Recording

 CallApp: Caller ID & Recording

Caller ID? Block numbers ? Call Recording? Phone 

number lookup? We got it all with CallApp, our scrupulous Phone app!

📞 Caller ID:
Advanced Caller ID technology to identify unknown numbers. More than 5.5 BILLION numbers!

Never ask “who called me” again!

Always know who is calling, with our caller trace & phone book abilities!

Stop Telemarketing & spam calls

Phone number lookup- search phone number or numbers and find them ASAP

🚫 Spam Call Blocker:

Stop robocalls, Blocking numbers and contacts block!

Blacklist numbers, block telemarketing & telemarketer calls, stop robocalls & scam calls!

Block spam with our caller id blocker!
Scam calls protection!

Advanced blacklist options & robocalls filter that fits your needs!

⏺️ Automatic call recorder ACR

CallApp’s Automatic Call recording enables you to Automatically record calls!

Use our callerid calling app, to get the optimal recording calls option.
Record scam calls!

Automatic call recording (ACR) made easy with CallApp!

CallApp will identify who is calling, will recognize 

unknown callers & numbers, while giving you a great 

phone book UI. Our caller ID has caller trace & phone 

number lookup features that will always tell you who called, with a next level user experience

Say bye bye to robocalls, telemarketing scam calls & 

stop spam calls! Blacklist and block contacts with 

CallApp and it’s unique spam filter that uses callerid 

data. Advanced spam call blocker app, that can also 

blacklist and stop spam calls from a certain prefix & especially robocalls.

Use our call recorder technology and get an automatic 

call recorder (ACR), that will let you save calls, and never 

miss important calls and information. Recording calls 

has never been easier! CallApp can record phone calls 

for most Android devices, and the call recording can be saved on the cloud

Communicate better & in ZERO time with the WEAR OS x 

CallApp integration x call recording x caller id x blacklist x spam blocker

Now introducing CallApp+: WhatsApp Caller ID & spam block, Identify SMS & calls from IM.

We do not sell, share data with any third party application and/or organization.

App Source From : Google Play Store

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